Who we are

It is our mission to provide superior and reliable dog walking and pet sitting services to all of our clients. Here at Walking Puppies, we are dedicated to meeting your exact dog walking needs, and making sure your furry friend stays a happy pup while you’re away! Whether you have to stay late for work, or are looking to take that vacation you’ve been putting on hold, you’ll rest assured that your pet is receiving superior care from our pet sitters and dog walkers.

After extensive planning, research and education, Walking Puppies was established in August 2020.  During this time, we based our values off of the services and characteristics from our experience in the industry:  fun yet safe, playful yet disciplined.


Founder, CEO

Dog Care Taker, Dog Walker

Jack is a passionate dog enthusiast and experienced pet care professional who has been taking care of animals all his life. He brings many years of experience caring for animals, and is always excited to pursue continued educational opportunities in the Pet Care industry.
He founded Walking Puppies in 2020 after graduating in Graphic Design. So when he’s not managing Walking Puppies or walking dogs, he gets creative and involved in arts projects.


Dog Care Taker

  • owns 2 dogs herself
  • worked as vet assistant


Dog Care Taker

  • certified Adult Dog Trainer


Dog walker

  • Canine Body Language Certificate


Dog walker

  • certified Dog Trainer
  • his parents own a dog training center

Our vision is to give each dog we visit a sense of ease. Because every dog is different, we tailor each visit to meet their individual needs and sensitivities. We keep everyone safe and secure by nurturing a respectful and trustworthy relationship with people and pets.

For daycare or pet sitting, we have an extensive list of walkers who provide such services. Contact us here: